Monday, November 1, 2010

2 Cart Path Reconstruction

2 path before

2 path during
2 path finished
#2 cart path has been in desperate need of attention for the past couple of seasons.  We decided to remove the old road base cart path and add a crusher fines material .  This material will pack in on itself and overtime and will create a very firm surface that acts and looks a lot like concrete.  In order to make sure the path sets up correctly we needed to treat the path like we were pouring concrete.  We first excavated the old road base material to a depth of 4".  Next we came in with some wood framing and frame the path to 7' wide.  Next we put down a landscape fabric that will prevent the new cart path material from migrating down into the soil.  We then added the crusher fines product at a 6" depth and packed the material down to a 4" thickness.  In the spring we will be sodding the golf course side of the path to make a clean edge from the tee to the green.  Over the next couple of seasons we will be reconstructing the paths on 7, 8, 13 and 15, and 18 the same way.

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