Friday, February 4, 2011

Golf Cart Maintenance

Our shop has turned into a golf cart repair shop
The month of February is when Matt, our mechanic, services the 72 golf carts in our fleet.  While Matt is responsible for repairing damaged golf cars during the entire year, this is the time when Matt really takes care to thoroughly go through each cart and makes all the necessary repairs to keep our fleet running smooth all summer. While one of the most important jobs Matt does to the carts is change the oil and filters, he is also looking to repair bald tires, dead batteries, broken hubcaps, suspension issues,  lubricating all joints, and repairing any body damage that my have occurred during the year.  With the golf course enjoying over 41,000 rounds of golf in 2010 the golf carts can take a beating and there are many dented fenders that need to be repaired.  Matt can service about 4 carts per day on average, so our shop will be golf cart central for the next 3 weeks.

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