Monday, August 22, 2011

Bridge Repair

If you have been on the course over the past few weeks you should have noticed that the ride across our bridges is much smoother and quieter.  We resurfaced the bridges with new wood planks to make travel across our bridges much safer.  The old planks are the original wood planks from when the course was built 12 years ago and have seen better days.These bridges have had a lot of traffic over those 12 years, we average 44,000 rounds of golf per year with about 80% of those rounds riding carts, this equates to just over 211,000 cart trips over the bridges, not including employee trips in the marshal carts, beverage carts, and maintenance vehicles.  Luckely the support system of the bridge is still in good condition so we only needed to repair the surface. We are still working on the side support improvements, but most of the damage to the side rail is superficial and will be repaired as we have time.

old bridge board next to a new bridge board

Nick using the hammer drill to drive new 10" lag bolts into the bridge from 9 green

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