Thursday, April 12, 2012

Deer fly control

With so much open space and water on the golf course we have a had a bad deer fly problem over the past couple of years.  These are the fly that have a triangular appearance, and they will follow you for a great distance then bite you multiple times.  We are trying a deer fly traps on 15 to see if we can help reduce the population.  This trap is designed to be chemical free, and will trap horse fly, deer fly, and yellow fly.  Next time you are on the 15th hole look into the native to the left of the green and you will see the trap.


  1. Good luck with your trap on the 15th. If you find that you're not trapping enough deer flies, it may be because deer flies (unlike their cousins, the horse flies) are attracted to movement from point A to point B (not by motion merely caused by something blowing or wiggling in the breeze). If you do indeed find that you continue to have a deer fly problem, check out my blog that discusses the use of a very simple and extremely effective homemade deer fly trap that should work great in your situation.

    I’ve trapped over 11,000 deer flies in the first 5 weeks of the 2012 deer fly season in Michigan using my version of the trolling deer fly trap developed by Dr. Mizell. My trap uses an umbrella, blue cups, and Tangle-Trap (purchased through Amazon). Check out my blog for how to make and use this easy effective trap. I've also posted my trapping data there. Happy trapping!

  2. One year later, would you say the deer fly trap worked to your satisfaction?