Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pump house issues

Motor being lifted out of pump house
Our pump house is equipped with three 75 horsepower pumps that can supply up to 1900 gallons per minute to the irrigation system of the golf course.  The pumps tend to work very well but with thousands of hours of use each year the bearings on the motors can wear out.  This happened about two weeks ago to one of the motors in the pump house.  With the pumps weighing approximately 1500 pounds each, it is no simple task to remove the motors when they need to be repaired.  Arapahoe Pumping Systems is always willing to help us when it comes to big repairs like this.  The motor was removed last Tuesday and was repaired and reinstalled yesterday morning.

The big issue we run into when a motor goes bad is that it takes about 40% longer to irrigate the course at night with one less pump in operation.  Most early morning golfers had probably noticed the irrigation running a bit longer for the last week, but lucky for us is that the bearings went out now as apposed to during the heat of the summer.

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