Friday, April 29, 2011

Tee Size

2 gold tee scalping
Over the past couple of seasons some of our tee boxes have been getting smaller due to improper mowing.  This is a training issue that arises when the mower operator does not want to scalp the rough so they cheat there cleanup lap in a couple inches.  Cheating in once or twice is not a big deal but when it happens for a period of a couple seasons we can loose significant teeing ground.
  Last week I went out and mowed the tees back to the original size and shape that they are intended to be.  While most tee boxes only needed a minor adjustment, #2 and #11 tees needed to be widened by three to four feet. This scalped brown turf will be noticeable and unsightly for a couple of weeks but once the areas heal in the tees will be in better playing condition due to more teeing ground available to use.

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