Friday, October 8, 2010

Hydraulic Leak on 7 green

Hydraulic oil leak on 7 green
 As a Superintendent one of your worst fears is having a hydraulic oil leak on one of you greens. Earlier this week we ran into some bad luck while topdressing and had our machine leave 4 lines across #7 green and one line on #6 green. Hydraulic oil is a killer for turf due to the extreme heat of the oil and the oil can coat the soil particles not allowing new turf to grow.

While devastating to see we moved into action quickly having both areas re sodded within 24 hours.
laying new sod
The first step was to use a sod cutter to remove the oil soaked turf.
Second, we had to replace the removed turf with turf that we harvested from our nursery green.
Jeff leveling sod

 Third, we needed to level the new sod. We had to tamp areas that were high, and add sand under the areas that are low.
Tony and Nick watering new sod
Eric mowing the green after the new sod was installed
  Finally we watered in the new sod.
Even with the extreme care taken to make sure the new sod is placed even with the existing green, We will be mowing #7 green with a walk mower set at a higher height of cut (HOC) to help prevent scalping of the new turf.

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