Friday, October 15, 2010

Frost is finally here

This fall has been the warmest fall I can remember since I have been at the Broadlands. Our average nightly temperatures for the month of October have been 5 to 6 degrees warmer than average. Our first frost finally came on Wednesday this week. Frost is a sign that the end of the growing season is near. Frost will help lower our soil temperatures and begin to slow down the growth of the grass. We have already cut down our mowing of fairways and tees down from 3 mowings per week to 2.
The reason we keep golfers off the turf during frost delays is that the cells inside the plant freeze, when you step on the grass it breaks the frozen cells and kills the plant.

A few reminders for you during frost delays:
  • Please stay off of any grass areas, this includes the wheels of the golf cart, your golf bag, and yourself
  • After the frost is gone, the maintenance department still needs to setup the course before you begin play, so please be patient.
  • Go inside and get a nice hot cup of coffee, who wants to play golf when its that cold outside?

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