Friday, October 1, 2010

Sod Projects

Over the past week we have been working on 3 sod projects around the golf course. Each area that we have repaired has a different reason why turf conditions are not ideal.

14 green cart parking

This area has many factors working against it for a successful turf Establishment

- 1st it faces south where the suns rays are more intense
- 2nd every golfer that walks to the green from there cart walks over this area
- 3rd the slope collects all the water that runs down the cart path.

To repair this area we needed to remove the hill between the cart path and green. We began by using a Skid steer to remove the existing mound, and get a rough grade for the new slope. Next we shaped the area with a sod cutter to remove any humps and then added some topsoil to smooth and level the area. Finally we installed the sod and set up a mister kit to water the area.

5 fairway bunker
You wouldn't think that one golf cart can do much damage to a golf course, and you are correct. The damage occurs when we have over 100 carts per day driving over the same area. To repair this traffic issue we first aerified the soil, then filled the holes with some topsoil. Then we installed the new sod over the area. We will be directing traffic around this area until next spring to give the sod a chance to survive.
3 fairway
This area has been a challenging area since the golf course opened. The main reason we have had trouble keeping a playable surface in this area is due to the extremely poor soil conditions. 3 fairway has the highest sodium (salt) levels on the golf course, as well as very heavy clay. High Sodium levels and turf do not mix. in order to give the new sod every chance to survive we removed 6" of existing clay and replaced it with a sandy loam growing medium. This should help give the turf a good rooting mix and we will be able to better manage the turf in this area.

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